A New Perspective

The Warrior Leadership Program (WLP) gives Stanislaus State students the opportunity to get involved with a comprehensive leadership program that includes workshops and community service.

It gives emerging leaders the opportunity to develop leadership skills and advanced student leaders the opportunity to refine their existing leadership skills.

Benefits of the Program

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* Through both tracks, you can Become a Stan State Certified Student Leader

* Be recognized at the annual Student Leadership Awards and presented with a certificate

* Earn a graduation stole after completing the Advanced Leaders Pathway

Emerging Leaders Pathway

  • Attend six (6) workshops (one from each leadership theme)
  • Complete ten (10) hours of community service
  • Co-Curricular Transcripts

Advanced Leaders Pathway

  • Attend twelve (12) workshops (1 from each leadership theme + any 6 others except Warrior Spirit)
  • Complete twenty (20) community service hours
  • Co-Curricular Transcripts
  • Create LinkedIn Profile

Warrior Spirit

Warrior spirit is a sense of pride, identity, and community shared by fellow students. These events will help create a sense of community pride in being a Stanislaus State Warrior and part of something larger than yourself. Having Warrior Spirit is an important part of your leadership development because as a leader you need to be fully involved and passionate about your organization.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development is a process of social influence, which maximizes the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal. These workshops give students the opportunity to understand leadership concepts; improve the skills, knowledge, abilities, and confidence; and get hands on leadership experience by participating in interactive trainings. Great leaders are born, but they can also be made. Effective Leadership Development helps organizations engage their people, unlock potential, and experience unprecedented growth. Stack comes with integration for Mail Chimp and Campaign Monitor forms Ã…œ ideal for launching modern marketing campaigns

Career Development

Career development is the lifelong process of managing learning, work, leisure, and transitions in order to move toward a personally determined and evolving future. These workshops will assist in demystifying search processes, provide information and skills needed to improve and advance in a chosen career path. Career Development is valuable in helping leaders understand how to select strong quality members to be a part of their organizations as well as how to develop and promote internal organizational talent.

Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement means working to make a difference in the civic life of one’s community. These workshops will develop the combination of knowledge, skills, values, and motivation to make that difference. Exceptional leaders understand the community needs and work collaboratively with them to create a well-balanced relationship between all.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity refers to the traits and characteristics that make people unique and Inclusion refers to providing equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized. These workshops will offer a better understanding of others with differing abilities, backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, etc. and emphasize the benefits of being inclusive to all types of people. Diversity and Inclusion serve as the foundation of a strong leader because it helps you to better understand your community and ultimately create a more equitable organization.


Wellness is the state of being in good health: mentally, physically, and emotionally. These workshops are designed to teach you strategies and techniques, how to engage and motivate you to make healthy choices, and incorporate wellness into your daily life. Wellness is a key element in the success of an organization. This helps leaders promote wellness and encourage a healthy work-life balance for its members which in turn creates a stronger organization.